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Futon sale
Otis Moonshadow Futon Cushion
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ON SALE: $480.00
You Save: $120.01

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Voted #1 Staff Pick! The Moonshadow futon mattress from Otis Bed is
possibly the world's finest futon cushion. Learn more about what makes
the Moonshadow a top pick.

Moonshadow Futon Cushion

The Moonshadow futon cushion combines the soft supple feel of a cozy, high end sofa with the responsiveness support of a luxury grade futon cushion. The moonshadow very little care compared to most other futon cushions that need to be rotated constantly. Instead, the Moonshadow continues to stand tall and wear evenly, even if you have chosen a favorite spot from which you rarely deviate from.

The Moonshadow futon cushion comes to you with 10 inches of high grade 2.0 density foam to create a solid and responsive cushion that every Moonshadow owner will tell you they love. The Moonshadow futon is also wrapped in high-quality polyester which gives it a softer, plush-like feel. This is the likely reason why the Moonshadow futon cushion is one of the most celebrated futons on the market. More customers rave about owning the Moonshadow futon cushion than any other futon in our collection. If you believe in making an investment in your home, then the Moonshadow is definitely worth your serious consideration.

Moonshadow is the #1 Voted Staff Pick

Join the world's happiest futon owners when you order your Moonshadow futon cushion. We are so confident you will absolutely love this cushion, we have blessed it with the title of "Best Futon Cushion". You and your guests will agree the Moonshadow is more comfortable than any guest bed you have every slept on. The question will remain whether it is more comfortable than your current bedroom cushion. If it is, give your guests the master suite while you enjoy a truly unprecedented night's rest on your very own Moonshadow futon cushion.

Built to last 10-12 years and designed for everyday use, your Moonshadow futon cushion will quickly become your favorite in-home parking spot. Grab your movie rental, popcorn and candy and find new levels of comfort on your Moonshadow futon cushion. Order now!

Otis Moonshadow Futon Cushion Highlights

  • Plush and Cushy with Excellent Support
  • 10-12 Year Durability
  • Designed for Everyday Use
  • Great for Bi-folds or Platform Beds
  • Built with 10 Inches of 2.0 Density Foam for Support
  • Wrapped in Polyester for Softness
  • 10 Year Warranty
Futon sale
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