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Oblong Futon Glide
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Oblong Nylon Futon Glide

The Oblong Nylon Futon Glide have been used on older A-Frame and various Bi-Fold futon frames. This part has also been referred to as an oblong futon roller, futon glide, oval futon glide, oval futon roller, futon glide, plastic futon glide, nylon roller bushing and many other commonly used terms.

Oblong Nylon Futon Glide Care

Our Oblong Nylon Futon Glide is constructed of a harder, denser plastic than most other oblong futon glides found in original futon frame construction. This can cause problems if the inside of your futon frame is rough or jagged.

We recommend that you sand down your any jagged edges on recessed areas where your oblong futon glide may slide. These areas are usually located on the inside of the arms on your futon frame. You should be certain that you do not over-sand these areas and ensure that you do not round the edges of the recesses with your sand paper.

Check to make sure that your futon frame is in tune and that it is not loose by wiggling the arms and joints. If something appears loose, you must tighten it, but do not over tighten, as damage may occur on your futon frame.

Oblong Nylon Futon Glide Specifications

  • Oblong Nylon Futon Glide Dimensions Approximately: 2 ⅛" long x 11/16" wide x 5/8" thick*
  • Metal Shaft (from plastic): 13/16" long x ¼" diameter
Futon sale
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