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Double Sided Futon Rollers (Futon Glides)
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Double Sided Futon Rollers (Futon Glides)

Double Sided Futon Rollers are also known as glides, rollers, roller cams or plastic inserts. These double sided futon rollers are available in many sizes, however most customers only require the rollers that we supply.

These futon rollers allow your futon frame to convert from sofa to bed positions easily. Most futons require four futon rollers to operate, and are found on the end caps on each side of the back deck of the futon frame.

On your futon frame, the bored out section that makes a hollow cylindrical space is where your double sided futon roller will be inserted. The other side of the double sided futon roller slides along the recesses in the futon arms.

To ensure your double sided futon glides continue to perform flawlessly, be sure that your futon frame does not have any loose screws or bolts. Loose hardware is a major cause of futon frame damage.

Double Sided Futon Rollers (Futon Glides)

  • Barrel Diameter Approximately: 1"
  • Rim Approximately: 1 7/16" diameter x 3/16 thick
  • Insert Depth Approximately
  • Barrel Length from Rim Approximately: 9/16"
  • Length Over-All Approximately: 1 3/8"
  • Color: Not Specified or Guaranteed-Usually Black or White
  • Warranty: None
Futon sale
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