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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty will be warrantied against manufacturer defects for the lifetime of the product and ownership by the original purchaser and will continued to be warrantied unless discontinued.

Transfer of Warranty

The warranty is non-transferrable and includes only the cost of repairing or replacing the part itself, at our sole discretion. Shipping and handling charges may apply and are not the responsibilty of Futons Etc Factory Outlet.

Discontinued Products

Discontinued products are items that we no longer carry and no longer warranty. In some cases, a manufacturer may change the design of a given product which may substantially change the item enough to where the damaged part cannot be replaced on its own. In this case, the previous model's construction may then be deemed as "discontinued" at our sole discretion. In some cases we may offer replacement parts, so it is your interest to check with us to see if we might still have parts available.

Non-Warranty Replacements

Our goal is to provide service to all customers. If your product has exceeded its warranty or was damaged in a way that is not covered by our warranty, we still encourage you to call us. In some cases, we may offer replacement parts at nominal prices that will get you back into action with your favorite futon item.

Tips for Keeping Futon Frames in Tip Top Shape

Non-warranty damages occur when customers allow their futons to loosen over time. Wood expands and contracts, and bolts and barrel nuts can become loose making the futon wobbly and prone to failure. A loose or wobbly futon frame should be tightened to prevent damages. Check your futon frame regularly to make sure it that all parts a snug.
NEVER OVERTIGHTEN any of the bolts or barrel nuts. This may seem obvious, customers sometimes fail to realize that metal is stronger than wood. If you overtighten the metal bolts, you can crack the wood of any futon frame.
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