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Futon Frames

Before you shop for futon frames, take a moment to review these tips to help you make the right choice. Buying a futon frame from a reputable dealer who specializes in futons is likely the best advice. Most large chains and companies that sell a wide range of other furniture products are likely to know little about the futon frames they sell. Reputable dealers tend to know which futon frames are worth selling. Therefore, try to seek out futon stores that specialize in futons.

Tips On Buying Futon Frames

Use these tips to help you shop for futon frames and make the right selection:

  • Look for warranty information - Usually a 5-10 year warranty is suitable. Lifetime Warranties are often limited and likely do not mean that your futon is warranted for your lifetime.
  • Opt for Name Brands - Futon frames made by the following major name brands are safe bets: August Lotz, Anchor Furniture, Big Tree, Gold Bond Futons, Lifestyle Solutions, Night & Day Furniture and Strata Furniture. If you are on a budget, go for Kd Frames.
  • Buy from a Reputable Futon Dealer - This cannot be overstated. Buy from Futons Etc Factory Outlet or one of several other reputable futon dealers, but stay away from other companies that might be a one-man-band, working from a garage. Also, consider staying away from companies that do not specialize in futons. Our experience shows that customers that buy from big chains are more prone to have poor experiences with their futons.
  • Call Your Dealer if Shopping for Futon Frames Online - This is probably the single best advice of all. Calling a futon dealer tells you much more about their operation, demeanor and knowledge base.

Things to look for:

Use some of these brief tips to find the right futon frame. We hope this information is useful. Please feel free to contact us via email with any questions you might have.

Hardwood Futon Frames

Hardwood futon frames are generally better quality when their load bearing segments are made of solid and contiguous hardwood. Futons that have rails that are solid throughout are often hard to find, because China and US consumption have forced manufacturers to use scraps to stay competitive. These scraps are joined together and glued under high pressure to make longer boards. While this might be less desirable, it is largely becoming the norm in stretcher rail construction (the long rails that span between the armrests).

However, most quality brand name futon frame manufacturer's take the time to connect these pieces well to ensure they are properly bonded. Many woodworkers will say that a good glue job is actually stronger than the wood itself. This makes it even more important to consider a major brand name futon company from the list above.

August Lotz

August Lotz makes futon frames that are made of maple or oak. Their futon frames are a little more pricey than several manufacturer's on the list, but not by much. However, their futon frames are absolutely top quality. You simply cannot go wrong by buying a futon frame made by August Lotz.

Anchor Furniture - Night & Day Furniture

Anchor and Night and Day Furniture work together to bring some of the best futons money can buy in a give price point. They offer interesting designs, and intelligent construction. Like the few top companies left, they have stood their ground to refrain from cutting major corners to save money during production. The result is a line of futon frames that are affordable, pleasing and solid.

Big Tree Futon Frames

Big Tree has a line of futon frames that are made of solid oak. Big Tree has been around for a long time and they are likely to continue to construct quality futon frames that will easily make your living space look handsome and make your guests feel welcome. Big Tree futon frames are definitely worth your consideration.

Lifestyle Solutions

Probably one of the most well known and reputable futon frame manufacturers in the futon industry, Lifestyle Solutions continues to be a leader in design and selection. While their entry level futon frames (like most entry level models of other companies) tend to be less rugged, their mid and upper level futon frames are choice quality futon products and well worth your money. Lifestyle Solutions is still one of the most popular futon frame brands in America.

Kd Frames

If you are on a budget then you might consider a company like Kd Frames. Their futon frames are made of hardwood and are unfinished. This company is also one of the few manufacturers of futon frames that is still based in the US. While their futon frames look pretty basic, they are extremely well built. Even if you did somehow break a slat, the slat itself is replaceable.

Gold Bond

While Gold Bond was originally a futon mattress manufacturer, they have also entered the market with a line of premium grade oak futon frames. Unlike many of the other companies that make their futon frames from Indonesian hardwoods like rubber tree wood, Gold Bond has opted for the more sophisticated and old world look of Oak. These frames are also made of solid, contiguous wood segments which is something we think is worth mentioning.

Metal Futon Frames

It is true. Eighty percent of all metal futon frames available today are likely low end, medium grade or high end junk! Buying a futon frame that is cheap in price will be twice as cheap in quality. Things you want to look for is a futon frame that has quality welds, thick and heavier metal, and hinges that are not too skimpy. Also different alloy combinations may make one product better than the another that is thinner or lighter. The best rule of thumb, when buying a metal futon frame is to speak to the dealer directly. Ask how long a dealer has carried a specific futon frame. Ask whether the dealer has experienced any problems with a given metal futon frame you are considering. Finally, ask about construction, warranty and return policies before you decide to buy.

In general, it is more difficult than ever to ensure you are buying a quality made futon frame. The very best advice we can offer is that you speak to a dealer in person, if you are not able to go in and look at a given metal futon frame directly.

In Closing

In closing, it is important to use your best judgement when buying a futon frame online or in a store. Each situation, dealer, and futon frame in question can play a major role in your overall satisfaction. As always, the old school rule of "you get what you pay for" continues to hold true. However, taking the time to research a futon frame you like and then research the dealer you are shopping with will pay dividends in the future.

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