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We use Gabe LeBlanc Photography to provide us with many of the images posted on our website. His method of employing careful color calibration helps to ensure we provide our customers with the very highest quality and most color accurate photographs possible.

It is important to note, however, that even when photographs are carefully color calibrated in the studio, the images you see on your computer can be very different, especially if your monitor has not recently been calibrated.

"There's a wide gamut of high quality monitors available to consumers, "explains Gabe LeBlanc of Gabe LeBlanc Photography, "however, even the most expensive TV or monitor can be extremely out of calibration, even right out of the box."

"For most people," he continues, "this is really a non-issue. People can adjust their monitors to the way that suites them and feels right. However, it is always important to know that images shown on your monitor can look drastically different than the images were intended to be seen."

As Gabe LeBlanc has explained, the swatches you see, even though they may be color corrected, can be totally different on your monitor. What makes matters more complicated is that the lighting in your home and color of your walls and furnishings can put a color cast that looks different as well. For this reason, we encourage our customers to order small sample swatches so they can actually see the fabric up close.

Having said this, only about 1% of our customers do end up order swatches. For the other 99% of our customers, we hear little if any issues regarding the quality or color of the materials they receive.

About Gabe LeBlanc Photography

Gabe LeBlanc is a commercial photographer operating a commercial studio in the downtown Orlando, Florida area.

Learn more about this Orlando photographer by visiting his website.

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