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Futons Improve Your Space

Futon furniture has never been more popular than it is today. A huge selection of futon styles offer you original designs with appealing functionality. Dive into the following pages to discover how futons help you increase the value of your living space by bringing you couches by day and a comfy sleepers at night.

Futons Etc Factory Outlet offers you the kind of quality and piece of mind you deserve in a futon product. With accurate presentation and meaningful information you can be sure you are buying great quality futon products from a reputable dealer. With this in mind, you are only a few clicks away from owning a truly great futon sofa bed that will impress your family and friends.

Selection, Quality & Value

Discover hundreds of futons from top notch, industry leading manufacturers that offer real pizzaz and value to a living space. Like thousands of other satisfied futon owners, you will love your futon for its comfort, quality and practical space-saving functionality. No other furniture comes close to a futon's ability to offer so much feature and practicality at such reasonable prices.

Customize Your Futon With a Cover

While making a selection from a wide range of futon frame styles and greatfuton mattress collection are key to building a quality custom futon, this is only part of the equation. Futon covers allow you to truly customize your futon package. Furthermore, in a few years, when your home needs a little sprucing, return to our site to purchase a second futon cover to make your futon sofa look brand new.

Futons Equal Function

Futons are some of the most practical pieces of furniture you could include in your home. Their most famous use and prized feature is that they are modern day sofa beds. When needed, a futon can fold down to offer you and your guests an inviting bed for deep and restful sleeping. By day, your futon will allow you the freedom to regain living space that a bed would otherwise occupy. Furthermore, you gain a sofa that is cozy and rewarding to own.

So what are you waiting for? Follow these easy steps for futon shopping on our site and you will be well on your way to owning a premium quality futon:

Custom Design Your Futon

  1. Select your futon frame
  2. Choose your futon mattress
  3. Pick your futon cover

Or select a futon from one of many pre-packaged futon sets

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